Disabling Passat DRLs

Let's ignore for now why one would want disable DRLs and get down to the how.

Volkswagen dealership representatives I talked to were unaware of any software or hardware solutions and almost all were unwilling to even research the matter due to pressure from VAG. After some searching on VWvortex and Club B5 I came up with several solutions for B5 Passats involving relays my car didn't have, wires that were not connected, switch positions that didn't exist or swapping in an expensive Euro headlight switch that wouldn't solve the problem after all. These all worked on older cars but changes in the B5.5 (2001.5 and newer) made them ineffective. Fortunately I was able to procure some wiring diagrams from helpful parties which led to the discovery of my solution.

Please note that I take no responsibility if you fry your car or harm yourself by performing this modification. You're on your own. This is for entertainment purposes only. Blah blah blah. Don't be stupid.