Golf R Jack Pads

I never really liked using the pinch welds where the factory scissor jack is supposed to be used. I'm afraid of making a mistake and bending them because of the funny angles I've needed to get this car up on jack stands. The pinch welds are the only reliable place I was able to identify for lifting. Other cars I've had always had a good place on a subframe near suspension components or drivetrain mounts to bear the weight. I really missed the six factory jack pads on the Turbo S. While searching for a solution I came across an interesting build thread on GolfMk7 forums that described the very thing.

The parts are from the Audi A3/S3 MQB platform sibling. They're available in the US and fit perfectly. I ordered the following from Parts.Com. Since then, ShopDAP offers a complete Audi Jack Kit for MK7 Models. ShopDAP shot an accompanying video for installing the jack pads that's way better than my musings in the photo comments below. I was able to do this on the garage floor without jacking up the car.

Jack pad parts
PartVW Part NumberQty
Front underbody cover L8V0-825-2711
Front underbody cover R8V0-825-2721
Front jack pad bracket L8V0-802-8451
Front jack pad bracket R8V0-802-8461
Front jack pad grommet8V0-804-631-B2
Rear jack pad bracket8V0-802-847-A2