For Sale — Sold!

18 Jul 2002 — This car has been sold. Sorry you missed it. I was sorry to see it go.

Why am I selling my car? I've decided I can afford both a practical, comfortable street car and a tight, unmannered track car with stiff coil-overs and a radical alignment. My 928 has served double-duty most ably but it's too impractical for me to move to full-time street duty and too nice to move to dedicated track duty. Therefore I am selling it to fund my track car project.

I've decided to stick with Porsche. I would like to find a decent, light-weight Euro S on the cheap (don't need an interior at all and a little body damage is easily mended) and have a 928 track car. However I realize how a cheaper, lighter 951 with its wide performance parts availability makes more sense in that capacity.

Please follow these links for pertinent information on the specifications and condition of this car. It is located in Austin, Texas and currently has 122,000 miles on the odometer. Please don't let the mileage scare you away because I have put a lot of money and work into it to bring it into better condition that when I bought it.

Rare Options and other plusses:

Remaining blemishes:

Other items of interest:

That's it. I have all service records from approximately 70K miles. I do not have service records from the previous two owners. I have put more than $16,000 into this car. That's $16,000 worth of headaches you won't have to worry about. Please see the maintanence section for details. I have all the working original parts I've replaced like the secondary muffler as well as oil filters and crush rings for the sump plug that will go with the car.

Please see my page on purchasing a used 928. Get anything you're seriously considering thoroughly inspected by a qualified 928 mechanic. I can give recommendations for 928 specialists in the Austin area with which I have had direct experience and relate tales of those recommended by 928 friends.