Maintenance History

When I purchased the car in the Fall of 1996, I knew it needed some care and attention to bring it back into good condition. I did not, however, fully realize what it would take. The total below does not include new tires or trim and electrical items I replaced myself.

Date Mileage Service Cost ($US)
9 Nov 1996 69,500 brake inspection
4 wheel alignment (improperly performed by NTW)
23 Nov 1996 windshield R&R $762.58
28 Nov 1996 69,617 timing belt service
water pump
front shocks, Boge
radiator hoses
oil pump seal
front crank seal
14 Mar 1997 76,496 fuel filter
ignition rotors, distributor caps
flush cooling system
change differential fluid
spark plugs
spare tire
seat memory and mirror switches
cat pipe (later removed, not reflected in this cost)
28 Mar 1997 77,310 clutch, throwout bearing, pressure plate
rear crank seal
retension timing belt
14 Apr 1997 78,307 heater hoses $67.95
23 May 1997 81,000 brake rotors, pads, flush and fill fluid $1006.75
7 Nov 1997 87,000 cam cover and intake gaskets, all top-end oil leaks
reset cam timing
correct sticking vario-runner flap
coolant leak rear of right head
R&R throttle cable
R&R A/C control unit (part# turns out to be for GTS)
R&R heater control valve, various vacuum leaks
4-wheel alignment and height adjustment (corretly this time)
2 Feb 1998 89,650 NGK spark plugs, ignition wires
computer fault check (none found) and system adaptation
adjust HVAC mixing flaps and motor
various vacuum leaks
1 Apr 1998 90,480 R&R rear CV boots
replace missing (!) outside air temp. sensor
18 Jun 1998 91,800 yet again more vacuum leaks
overhaul A/C system, recharge w/ R12
replace GTS A/C control unit with correct S4 part
front hood seal
18 Sep 1998 93,353 correct leak at fuel pump
R&R fuel filter
11 Nov 1998 94,250 R&R left rear wheel bearing $207.12
30 Aug 1999 102,380 R&R thermostat, check fans $109.02
6 Dec 1999 103,937 R&R radiator (labor only, provided my own Devek radiator)
oil change
6 Nov 2000 104,847 R&R steering rack, set toe
repair broken driver's door lock wiring harness
R&R speedo for repair
R&R fuel pressure reg
13 Jan 2000 104,184 R&R broken fuel vapor tee & vacuum pod for tank venting system
R&R throttle position switch & knock sensor
2 Aug 2000 105,744 R&R timing belt & water pump
R&R A/C low-side hose, refill R-12
diagnose intermittently inop. wiper
107,837 R&R front brake pads & rotors
repack wheel bearings
brake flush
4 Apr 2001 107,962 retension timing belt
R&R MASS air meter
R&R LH Jetronic control unit
20 Sep 2001 115,102 R&R rear brake pads
trip check (nothing found)
13 May 2002 121,655 R&R water pump $964.60
Total $16,896.99