How I came to own my 928 S4

I bought this one after my Firehawk was killed. With a major depreciation hit plus all the interest I had thrown away financing it, I just couldn't afford the Firebird I wanted. Like I said, I've always loved the 928 so I began looking at them. Most looked good on the inside but the mechanicals suffered from neglect and the 5-speeds were, shall we say, rare. I looked past this car at a '79 that needed quite a bit of work. I was expecting an outrageous price and I had never heard of a 5-speed S4. Luckily I was wrong and the car only had 70,000 miles on it! We agreed on a price $2500 under loan value. I quickly spent my good fortune on new tires, a timing belt, front shocks, fluids, etc. bringing my cost back up to loan value.

I am very happy with my new car despite the first harrowing month of ownership. We had to work out all the bugs caused by lack of routine maintenance on the part of the previous owner. The timing belt had never even been changed! I'm guessing we narrowly missed $5,000 worth of top-end engine work.

The market for 928s never held up like that of the 911s. As such, they depreciated massively (thus making them affordable to yours truly!). Unfortunately, they are still very expensive to maintain so many of the 928s on the market suffer from neglect.