Firehawk Suspension and Exhaust Options

The Suspension Option ("Level II Suspension" in Camaro SS literature) is composed of:

All Firehawks get an improved suspension over the Formula/Trans Am but this goes one step further. The tranny mount helps control wheel-hop on hard launches. Alas, this option was only available on coupes in '95. It's available on the T-top models in '96, but the convertibles are still left out — heck, they don't even get the 17" wheels.

The Performance Exhaust System starts out with a 2.5" Y-pipe off the exhaust manifolds which is welded onto the single OEM catalytic converter under and slightly in front of the passenger seat (as shown on the cutaway above). That hooks up to SLP's stainless steel cat-back system which is composed of a 3" intermediate pipe, freer flowing muffler, and a pair of 2.5" tail pipes which exit under the bumper on the driver's side. The '96 'Hawks lose the Y-pipe but pick up extrude-honed exhaust manifolds in addition to the dual-cats to make up for it.